Owner + Creator, Stefanie Corbett

Owner + Creator, Stefanie Corbett


our story

Haven+Blythe is a Milwaukee-made, woman-owned brand, focused on marrying luxury and natural ingredients into a beautiful sanctuary of goods for the face and body.

Created by Stefanie Corbett, an Esthetician with almost 20 years of experience in the beauty industry, Haven+Blythe’s products have undergone many formula trials and product testing. The result: the finest ingredients providing therapeutic benefits leaving the body softer, more hydrated, and balanced.  We pride ourselves in making exceptional goods in small batches to assure the highest product quality, using a family heirloom hand-cranked mixer, that belonged to Stefanie's grandmother.


our quality

At Haven+Blythe we NEVER add unnatural preservatives, chemicals, dyes, fragrances, or parabens into our products, making them beneficial for ALL skin types – even highly sensitive. Haven+Blythe’s products do more than just exfoliate! They help improve overall skin health by eliminating free radicals, tone and firm the skin, lock-in moisture, and can even help alleviate skin irritations. 

We're always dedicated to sustainable packaging. From recycled boxes and recycled ink to using glass jars (which use 40% less energy in manufacturing than plastic). Our jars are even 100% recyclable and we also offer a return program for our jars: receive $1 credit for every glass jar returned to Haven+Blythe.